A brief introduction...

L&E was established in 1993 by two entrepreneurs (Samuel Feinberg and Errol Silverberg) who approached packaging supply with a revolutionary new vision.

They introduced a concept of single sourced packaging management and supply that changed the way that many major brands develop and source packaging. Their extensive collective experience in printing, packaging and sales provided them insight into ways in which packaging quality, consistency and price could be dramatically improved.

In the early 90s, printing and packaging manufacturing capabilities and paper quality in Asia were limited and quality suffered. The L&E model began with packaging that was largely produced in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, shipped to Asia and stored in our warehouses located close to the brand manufacturing facilities.

This provided us the ability to increase quality, simplify the ordering process and make small deliveries directly to the factory door. We have since provided a single accountable source for brand packaging needs rather than a number of faceless foreign and domestic suppliers.

As printing plants, packaging technology, production capacity and capability advanced rapidly in Asia, L&E adapted to changing conditions and moved a substantial portion of its production to carefully qualified and top of the line Asian facilities.

We now maintain exclusive arrangements with over 30+ world class integrated packaging companies, paper mills and converters around the globe and the vast majority of its production now takes place in Asia.