Human Rights


L&E is committed to meeting strict environmental oversight and compliance and by using manufacturing facilities that go above and beyond the requirements of local law in human rights and worker safety. Our current customers are among some of the most demanding in the world and we work aggressively to ensure complete compliance with their specific goals.


We believe in sharing responsibility for the health, safety and well being of both the world we live in and the workers who devote themselves to producing the highest quality products for our customers. We understand that the way we do business can have impacts on our employees, suppliers, customers and the places where we manufacture packaging. We are committed to ensuring that all our affiliated supply facilities use resources efficiently, absent of hazardous substances and treat workers with dignity and respect.

Strict policy and practices

We insist on no child labor, no forced labor, fair compensation in accordance with local law, reasonable pay practices and proper health and safety practices in and around the factories. We require non-discriminatory hiring and promotion practices, reasonable disciplinary procedures and the implementation of proper anti-harassment policies and procedures. We also insist on proper lighting, ventilation, storage of chemicals, noise levels, use of appropriate protective equipment, availability of first aid and medical care, proper sanitation and hygiene, a suitable emergency response plan, and fire safety and prevention plans in place.

Pro-active approach (everyone benefits)

Our approach to environmental and human rights compliance is proactive rather than reactive. We have each of our supply facilities complete periodic questionnaires to assess compliance. We also self audit supply partners and conduct routine visits and inspections to verify the information they provide. We test all products for compliance with laws and regulations on a regular basis.