Production & Development

Customer commitments & responsibilities

Among the responsibilities of our Development departments, in both the United States and Asia, is to provide direction on structural design, graphic design and optimal print processes during the packaging development stage.

We may also assist your internal departments or outsourced agencies to perfect designs, produce samples, provide pricing and manage the development process of each and every project from inception through to final delivery.

Experienced team members

Our experienced Project Managers arrive from many diversified areas of printing and print packaging related fields. They will help to ensure that you receive the best possible product at the most competitive price to the location required.

L&E's experience extends into many branches of packaging fulfillment. This includes but is not limited to mill paper (corrugated and paperboard), plastics, tissues and reusable materials, advanced print processes and specialized printing techniques.

World wide development infrastructure

By maintaining development teams all across the globe, we will work together with you from initial concept to final production. We are uniquely equipped to meet all of your packaging requirements wherever and whenever they may be needed.

L&E ensures strict compliance with your manufacturing and testing requirements, please contact us for additional information.