Quality Assurance

Award winning, industry acclaim

We have always been known for reliable quality management and on time delivery and consistency of product anywhere in the world. This has always been an important part of our business philosophy.

In a proactive effort to do even better the company has since expanded so that we now produce many more SKUs in smaller quantities with greater turnover.

This desire has required us to improve on the efficiencies of our processes and for us to require all our suppliers to improve their processes as well.

Everybody benefits

We have launched a L&E Quality Management System (L&E QMS) which is the vehicle that will be used to promote continuous improvement throughout the organization.

The L&E QMS is based on ISO9001-2000 in respect to documentation and record archiving. It is important to have these basic rules in place but it is even more important to create an enthusiastic approach to continuous improvement over time. Our efforts promote continuous achievement through out the company.

The ultimate benefit of the L&E QMS extends to all parties... from suppliers through to the end product users.