Customer Service

Great service from the start

Our service starts the very first day you contact us. Our sales team's first objective is to determine what is needed to help your packaging perform better for your business and then design and plan a specialized program which specifically meets your requirements.

Our personal, dedicated attention to your business is evident in every part of the L&E operation and is a part of the our team approach to serving you.

Great service where & when you need it

The same specialized attention will be provided to your business packaging needs whether it is via our New York or Minneapolis offices in the United States (USA) or at the local level in Shenzhen, Fuzhou and Shanghai in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Brazil.

Our dedicated staff will assist with delivery schedules, packaging regimes and quality standards. They will work hard to ensure that your requirements are achieved and keep you informed of any changes as they may occur.

In every L&E location there will be a dedicated team to deal specifically with your account.