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L&E founder Errol Silverberg began working in the graphic arts and printing industries in the mid 1960s in New York City well before the age of digital print. Errol hustled, running from client to color house to printer getting press time at all hours of the day and usually night. 

As a young boy, Errol’s son Ian tagged along for the journey learning the ins and outs of the printing business. The family’s Ford wagon served as delivery vehicle, office and temporary hotel room at times. Like many successful startups, the stories and accomplishments of those early years were exciting.

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A letter by his granddaughter

Brooke Silverberg

Eroll Silverberg L&E International, Ltd. Founder

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 In the 80s much of the business turned to the manufacturing of packaging and in 1985 Errol formally incorporated the business. Shortly after, Errol recognized the opportunity to better serve international clients and opened L&E Asia operations. This decision was a major milestone and remains a core element of the business today.   



In 2016 after a successful career in law, Ian Silverberg joined his father in the business as CEO and President. Like his father, Ian is quick to say, "Taking care of the customer is job number one." 

Ian's passion also brought new energy and ideas to L&E. L&E is constantly evolving and expanding company services. And the company is currently developing complementary environmentally friendly products.

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Ian Silverberg

CEO and President

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L&E package design, engineering, testing and customer service operations can be found in over 14 countries. We provide solutions to reduce costs and supply millions of finished packaging pieces throughout North America, Europe and Asia on a daily basis. 


Beyond amazing packaging, our 300+ associates in Southeast Asia are dedicated to the highest standards of customer service. We like to tell our clients all over the world, "We're your eyes and ears on the ground in Asia."


L&E also insures packaging compliance and utilizes many Six Sigma management principals.We adhere to strict internationally accepted compliance guidelines for environmental and human rights policies.


Additionally L&E holds FSC chain of custody and all our manufacturing is RoHS compliant. Our ISO certified printing and manufacturing facilities are third-party audited annually.

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L&E Packaging for Adidas 

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We are a certified packaging supplier for Adidas, Walmart, Amazon (APASS vendor in Asia) as well as an authorized Target global packaging partner.

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L&E. Sourcing Policies.

L&E is diligent in ensuring our packaging materials come from responsible suppliers who follow all applicable international laws. When possible we also utilize as much recycled and renewable content as we can.


While not often, when utilizing ores containing tin, tantalum or tungsten for metal packaging or part components it is important for some of our clients to know, L&E will not source these raw materials from any conflict zones including those of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Importantly to note however, we do not automatically disqualify or discriminate against companies of the DRC or other conflict zones so long as they can provide international third party certification the minerals in question can be described as coming from "non conflict" mined sources.


Smelting suppliers please be advised you must have an EICC and GeSI conflict smelter audit completed and on file with our company prior to any signed purchases orders.

If you would like to become a supplier to L&E, please contact our compliance office and Asian headquarters in Thailand.