L&E. Rightsizing, optimization and package engineering that reduces cost.

L&E adds value to your brand through better package engineering. Our designers and engineers develop solutions which use less material, save cube and improve sustainability scores. The investment up front on better structural design has paid off many times over through the supply chain by reducing the total "use" costs.

L&E Packaging Structural Design Objectives

• Reduce product damage rates

• Retail ready and E-commerce solutions

• Meet client ISTA or other testing standards

• Assurance - RoHS compliant specifications

• Reduce packaging materials

• Reduce or eliminate non-recyclable materials when possible

• Reduce cube - reduction of container shipping cost

• Reduce weight - reduction in air shipping freight cost

• Improve customer experience - the L&E wow factor

• Frustration-Free packaging


22% less cube

Three less inner packaging components

Reduced pack-out time by 40 seconds

ISTA 3A pass

L&E Packaging design and engineering facility locations

 • China

• Vietnam

• Indonesia

• India

• Thailand

• Cambodia

• Myanmar

• Philippines

Our state-of-the-art package design and engineering centers located throughout Southeast Asia are equipped with the latest Esko Artios CAD software and Kongsberg cutting tables.