L&E. Supply chain packaging solutions that reduce cost.

We don't just make and sell boxes. L&E creates end-to-end packaging solutions that reduce our clients' total supply chain costs. We do this through better management, consolidation, freight optimization, just-in-time deliveries, HUB and warehousing operations throughout Southeast Asia.

L&E Asia packaging manufacturing and delivery areas include

• China

• Vietnam

• Indonesia

• India

• Thailand

• Cambodia

• Myanmar

• Philippines

L&E optimized our packaging allowing 30% more product to be loaded into our container shipments.


L&E. Our clients know–

Packaging costs more to use than to buy.

L&E reengineered our packaging allowing our factory line to increase pack-out efficiency by 20%. This equated into a large annual savings for our company.


L&E packaging reduced our non-sellable from 8 to less than 4%, resulting in a huge savings for our company.


L&E. Global packaging design, engineering and supply manufacturing.