L&E. Our sustainable packaging solutions add value to your brand.

Whether you're one of the world's most iconic brands or launching the latest, greatest product we can't live without, L&E creates packaging that adds value to your brand.


L&E. Packaging

• In over 14 countries....

• Consumer electronics

• Retail private label packaging 

• Household goods

• Furniture

• Food and cosmetics

• And yes, our apparel and footwear packaging rocks

Adidas Shoe Box

L&E. We put the tech in high-tech packaging.

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Adidas Packaging
Threshold Packaging

L&E. Household and consumer brand packaging.

L&E. Working with brands to help save oceans.

Sustainable, Ocean Friendly, Quick Silver, Packaging

L&E. We create packaging for the world's leading brands.

What if all your packaging was biodegradable in a landfill or the ocean?

Foam Insert Packaging

L&E. Molded fiber paper solutions.

Molded Fiber Packaging
Sandra Lee Packaging

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Sandra 2.jpg
CRATE Boxes 1.jpg

Protective furniture packaging design, engineering and production in India by L&E

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Our customers know packaging costs more to use than to buy. This is why L&E designs and engineers packaging solutions with the total supply chain cost in mind.

We consider your product factory's ease of pack-out and ways to reduce your logistics, handling and freight costs. We find ways to simplify and reduce material usage. We engineer solutions to reduce product damage. Your print and packaging quality standards are our top priority.

L&E. Packaging Goals

– Increase consumer brand confidence

– Reduced product damage through better engineering

– Improved packaging logistics and pack-out

– Optimization and rightsizing to reduce logistics and total use cost

– Better consumer experiences / frustration-free packaging

– Consumer appeal, the L&E packaging wow factor