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Our mission is to provide sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that benefit both the planet and our clients.

L&E Then: A 1965 Start Up

Perseverance, Strength & Passion

Errol Silverberg, the founder of L&E, had an unwavering commitment to his work. During the mid-1960s, he began his career in the graphic arts and printing industries in New York City, long before the digital print era. Errol worked tirelessly, running from one client to another, visiting color houses and printers, and arranging press time even at odd hours. These trips were memorable for his son Ian, who accompanied him and learned the intricacies of the printing business from his father. The family's Ford station wagon symbolized their entrepreneurial spirit, as it doubled as a delivery vehicle, a temporary hotel room, and an office.

The early years were filled with excitement, just like any other successful startup. In the 1980s, L&E's business shifted primarily towards packaging production. Errol incorporated the company in 1985, realizing the potential to serve international clients better. This led to the opening of L&E Asia operations, which became a significant milestone for the company. Today, it continues to be a core business element, reflecting the vision and passion that Errol had for L&E.

Errol Silverberg

Errol & Lynn Silverberg
The L and E in L&E International


CEO and President

L&E International Ltd.​


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Ian Silverberg took over as the CEO and President of L&E International in 2016 after a successful career in law. Like his father, Ian believes caring for the customer is the most essential aspect of any business.

Ian's passion and creativity have brought a fresh perspective to L&E International, leading to our services' constant evolution and expansion. At L&E International, we are dedicated to pioneering innovation and environmental responsibility. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to supporting reputable brands on their journey towards sustainability. We understand that aligning packaging with a brand's values and customer expectations is crucial. 

Our approach has allowed us to establish a reputation for being an industry leader in creating sustainable packaging solutions that align with a brand's values. We follow a customer-centric approach, which has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our clients. Our goal is to aid brands in achieving sustainability targets while providing customers with a seamless and positive experience.

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