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L&E Earth Focus 2030

Reducing CO2 Emissions and Increasing Our Use of Renewable Energy

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L&E Earth Focus 2030

L&E Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

To better align with and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, in 2020 L&E launched L&E Earth Focus 2030™. The program goals and functions involve the tracking, recording and implementation of process improvements associated with better packaging sustainability. Specifically our factory's goals will be the reduction of CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. To reach this aggressive target, a large part of this program involves the increased use of renewable energy. 

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Through better, more sustainable packaging, a large part of what we're doing is helping our clients reach their sustainability targets.

Sean Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer, L&E International Ltd.

Our Roadmap


L&E Earth Focus 2030™ launches an aggressive initiative to reduce our manufacturing carbon footprint by 50% over the next ten years.

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Goal Met


L&E Earth Focus 2030™ reaches it's first milestone by implementing a CO2 tracking calculator, SOP, scorecard and rollout to our factories. Data collection has begun.

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Goal Met


L&E Earth Focus 2030™

Goal: to have established baselines for CO2 emissions established in four of our largest markets: China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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In Progress


L&E Earth Focus 2030™ Goal: to have established baselines for CO2 emissions established in all 14+ L&E manufacturing markets.

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L&E Earth Focus 2030™ and beyond...

Goal: to implement renewable energy in all available regions, improve our sustainability scorecard and reduce CO2 emissions. Let’s Go!

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In Addition, L&E Corporate Social Resposibility Includes:

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Responsible Sourcing

We will prioritize and use packaging materials, including pulp and paper, supplied by companies that align with our 2030 sustainability goals.

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Produce Locally

It’s not just about cost. Producing locally shortens the supply-chain and reduces our carbon footprint. It also increases our speed to market– a nice benefit.

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Be Circular

We’re working hard to help our clients achieve their goals by utilizing more recycled materials in our packaging.

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Education & Participation

L&E belongs to and supports organizations including Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, FDRA, FSC and more.

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Technology & Investment

We continue to invest and utilize advanced technology and software to test, measure and record our sustainable packaging designs.


Sustainability is built into every packaging project we produce. 

Utilizing LCA software our design engineers are able to compare plan-of-record against new packaging solutions. Data is captured and utilized to create sustainability stories our clients share with their customers and stakeholders. 

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Ian Silverberg
CEO & President

Together with our clients, we're on a 
[packaging mission]
to reduce our impact on the planet.


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