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Sustainable Packaging Services

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Structural Packaging Design and Engineering


• Solidworks®

• ArtiosCAD®

• Keyshot®

We design, engineer and create sustainable packaging that reduces cost.

• Less product damage

• Reduced material usage

• Faster to assemble and pack out

• Reduced logistics costs

• And frankly, wows customers.

Package Testing

Integrated package testing labs with ISTA, Amazon ISTA 6, Tappi and TÜV certifications. Why is this important? Increased speed to market, while our design engineers reduce packaging material usage to the "cliffs edge".  What does this mean? Cost down savings and sustainability wins.

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Brand Packaging Design

Print Quality Control

From logo creation, identity and graphic design, let L&E create or refresh your existing brands.

Let's go!

Utilizing PantoneLIVE®  and X-Rite®  software and tools, our dedicated team of quality control professionals monitor all aspects of L&E print and packaging manufacturing.

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Printing: Offset, Flexo, Silkscreen and Gravure

ISO certified RoHS compliant printing in over 14 countries and regions including Mexico,  U.SA., Portugal, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

Packaging Manufacturing
and Supply Chain Services

Continuity of Supply–

Our dedicated team of professionals coupled with digitized workflow systems and strategy ensure your packaging is well executed and delivered on time.

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L&E global packaging design and engineering teams:

• Reduce total packaging cost through improved design, materials and logistics.

• Eliminate plastics with fiber based alternatives.

• Add value through better consumer unboxing solutions.

• Optimize, Rightsize and reduce cube resulting in less container shipments.

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We reduce material usage and optimize packaging for improved logistics

We're designing sustainable packaging with the end-user in mind.

We're reducing ocean plastics.

Continuously bringing sustainable innovation to our clients.

We're helping our customers achieve circular economies.

Let's work together to reduce our impact on the planet for the next generations. 

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More Packaging Locations


Sustainability is built into every packaging project we produce. 

Utilizing LCA software our design engineers compare plan-of-record against new packaging solutions. Data is captured and utilized to create sustainability stories our clients share with their customers and stakeholders. 

We Deliver More

Fragility Packaging

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Food Grade


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Master Shipping/

Outer Cartons

Influencer Kits

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High-End Retail Bags

EPE Foam Web.png

EPE Foam Cushions

Recyclable where facilities exist.

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Furniture Packaging

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Consumer Products




Bio-based Bags

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Tissue Papers

Wet Press

Molded Fiber

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Retail + Private

Label Packaging 

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Footwear Packaging

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 Apparel Packaging

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Dust Bags

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Hang Tags

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Dry Press

Molded Fiber

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Amazon Frustration Free Packaging (FFP + SIOC)

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Influencer Kit Web 2.png

OMNI Channel


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Grill Packaging

Sporting Goods



Protective Packaging

Shoe Box.png

Specialty Footwear


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FSC® Certified

Cosmetics Packaging

FSC™ Certified Fiber Hangers. Printed with Algae Ink!

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Consumer IT Packaging

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Rigid Setup Boxes

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Device and Tablet Packaging

We Create
Sustainable Packaging For

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We Belong, Support, Partner
And Align With

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Ian Silverberg
CEO & President

Together with our clients, we're on a 
[packaging mission]
to reduce our impact on the planet.


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